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Welcome to ballet to all students!

A helpful guide to our classes

Tiny Tots Classes (3 – 5 years)
Fun, Fun, Fun is the aim of the Tiny Tots classes!  Our classes contain steps little children know and enjoy.   As well as Hi-5, Bananas in Pyjamas and nursery rhymes we have skipping, marching and running and include exercise for the hands and feet to incorporate basic ballet technique.  Children start to develop their imagination with the creative use of movement.

Recreational classes – all levels
Students can participate in all classes/levels for recreation developing fitness, a love of movement and an appreciation of all other art forms, especially music.

Pre-Primary/Primary (6 – 8 years)
Ballet technique (gently introduced at a basic level) with the emphasis on creativity and imagination.  Students start to gain muscle strength, flexibility and coordination.  Students may participate in exams and medals.

Grades 1 to 6
Students develop an artistic and spatial awareness with good listening skills and critical thinking.  As they get older students develop a sense of self discipline.  Students wishing to sit exams should be studying dance for at least 2 ½ hours per week.

Seniors (Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2)
Students participating in examinations at this level are considered professional vocational dancers/teachers

Age recommendations are approximate. Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Gowers to discuss the best class for your child.

Term 2 2009 Commencing
Monday 4th May - Mt Lawley
Tuesday 28th April - Armadale
Wednesday 29th April - South Perth
Thursday 30th April - Victoria Park
Saturday 2nd May - Victoria Park
Saturday 2nd May - Subiaco

We are continuing to work out who goes where for all our classes and I thank you for your patience. Please call me on 9399 2473 if you wish to discuss any aspect of the ballet school. Thank you once again for all the lovely gifts and flowers for the concert and for Christmas.

Please be sure to check your class times, as there may be changes from last semester's timetable.

Miss Helene Gowers - Mount Lawley, Armadale, South Perth, Victoria Park (Thursdays), Subiaco
Miss Terri Joannides - Victoria Park (Saturdays)

Trophy Tests = Performance Awards (note the name changed)
The format for the Performance Awards will change slightly this year with students expected to perform 2 dances with a slightly reduced amount of class work. More emphasis will be on the “performance” quality presented. Students will still receive a trophy and a report. Our Performance Awards will be held on Sunday 16th August 2009 at the King St Arts Centre

Presentation Day
Presentation Day, where the certificates, medals, and trophies, earned by participating in the exams and medal and trophy tests are presented, will be held on Saturday 5th September 2009 at the Subiaco Arts Centre.

Annual Concert 2009
Please note that the Annual Concert will be held this year on 5th and 6th December 2009 at the Quarry Amphitheatre.  Don't forget to put these dates in your diary!

Annual Concert 2008
The annual concert in 2008 ran for two nights at the Quarry Amphitheatre, both of which were outstanding successes. All students performed beautifully, and with professionalism and enthusiasm. Miss Gowers thanks everyone for the lovely gifts and beautiful flowers.  Photos from the performances can be viewed by clicking here

DVD recordings of the concert are available for purchase. See Miss Gowers for details.


Important Dates

Term Dates 2009
Term 1: Saturday 31st January
Term 2: Tuesday 28th April
Term 3: Monday 20th July
Term 4: Monday 12th October

Concert 2009
5 and 6 December
Quarry Amphitheatre, City Beach


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