Top 10 Online Surveys Paid to Read
You can get paid for online surveys

It turns out that your opinion really does matter. The advent of the Internet is changing the way companies get access to our opinions. Companies are spending billions of dollars globally to learn what consumers want regarding all types of goods and services to help them get that all important market edge.

What does this mean? It means that because your opinions are worth a lot of money to companies, online market research and advertising has taken on a new form that is very profitable for you. With more and more people using the Internet from their home and office, companies are paying large amounts of money to market research firms to conduct online surveys. Then, those market research firms pay money to anyone that fills out their surveys online.

Everyone can do surveys online and get paid. It's perfect for anyone that works from home, students, homemakers, retired people, employed workers, and people with special needs - basically anyone that could benefit from making an extra few hundred dollars every month from the comfort of their home or office. And the best part, you can do it from anywhere in the world!

With that in mind, I did many hours of research into finding which sites are reputable and which sites have the best payment options, from that I put together my Top 10 Survey sites, these sites will send you out plenty of surveys and are representing reputable companies so you are guaranteed to get paid, some of the sites have referral schemes this means you are getting paid a commission on surveys that your referrals complete 24 hours a day. All sites are free to join, so what have you got to loose?

If Surveys aren't for you then check out the Pay to Read sites, these sites will pay you to read advertising emails and click a link to the advertisers site. These are a great money maker and pay out through a variety of means, such as PayPal, and AlertPay.

Take some time, to check out the sites and good luck!

Recommended Survey sites

Survey Head Paid Online Surveys Survey Head
Survey Head is an exciting new site from the original creators of GoZing surveys which has now become part of the Greenfield and Ciao surveys group. There are no gimmicks with Survey Head it is all high paying surveys that pay you direct to your paypal account. Survey Head is currently recruiting new members from all parts of the world and have many surveys waiting to be completed, click the link now to see if there are any surveys waiting for you, if not signup to the site and you will recieve survey invites in your email as soon as they are available. SPECIAL OFFER - signup now and get $5.00 in your account straight away.

Ciao Paid Online Surveys Ciao Surveys
At Ciao Surveys, you get paid by completing surveys and testing products, each survey is sent to you by email with how much it is worth and how long it will take to complete. Every time you have $5.00 or more in your account you can claim payment to your paypal account.

FatCatRewards Online Rewards FatCatRewards
Fat Cat Rewards is similar to Treasure Trooper and Cash Crate but with one main difference, this site has been made for Australians and currently has over $500 worth of offers for Australia. You will earn cash for completing surveys and taking up free trials and have the chance to win at their competitions that are held regularly. Just for joining up you will recieve $10 payable to your paypal account.

Lightspeed Research paid online surveys Lightspeed Research
Lightspeed Research, just from joining you will go into a draw to win $1,500 and every survey you complete will get you a further entry into the draw. On top of that every survey you complete rewards you with Lightspeed points, Lightspeed points are redeemable for gift certificates, prizes from their prize catalogue or cash payments to your paypal account.

Valued Opinions paid online surveys Valued Opinions
Just for joining Valued Opinions you will go into the draw to win an Ipod Nano, so if nothing else it is worth joining just for the prize draw. Surveys at Valued Opinions typically pay between $2.00 and $5.00 and up to $50.00 for specialist surveys. Cash in your Valued Opinions accounts is then redeemed for gift certificates, from companies such as Woolworths, Hoyts, iTunes, Greater Union, Coles Group and Myer, dStore, Sanity, Dymocks, iSubscribe, Rebel Sports, Bunnings Warehouse, SuperCheap Auto and Oxfam.

Treasure Trooper Online Rewards Treasure Trooper
Treasure Trooper is an online Get Paid To site. Get paid to signup for all sorts of offers and sites and trials, no credit card is needed but some of the highest offering sites will need one. With Treasure Trooper, self-motivated consistent users can very easily earn $100-150 a month if not more, to fill out forms for sponsors, complete surveys, and to sign up for free trials. Treasure Trooper paid out over $1,000,000 to it's members in 2007 alone, so it is very easy to see why this is site is one of the most popular on the internet.

Cash Crate Online Rewards Cash Crate
Cash Crate is another online Get Paid To site. Get paid to signup for all sorts of offers and sites and trials, no credit card is needed but some of the highest offering sites will need one. Cash Crate has similar offers to Treasure Trooper and some offers that are unique to Cash Crate. Minimum payout is $20 and that can be made on the first day for most countries, payout is by cheque or paypal. Cash Crate also has a very generous referral structure in which you earn 20% and 10% of what your referrals earn.

Survey Savvy Paid Online Surveys Survey Savvy
MUST JOIN International Survey Site, with an awesome 2 tier referral program. You will only get about 6 surveys per year but they are so worth it, my first survey paid me $100 US which is quite a handy amount once exchanged to Aussie Dollars. Not to mention you will also receive $2 for each survey your referral completes and $1 for each survey your referrals referral completes. This site will allow you to rack up big dollars very quickly and I can't stress enough that everyone needs to join this site.

SpiderMetrix paid online surveys Spider Metrix
International Site, Paid for Surveys and website ratings. Nice referral Scheme and points are easy to get. 300 Points is redeemable for $50 Cash paid out by Cheque or Paypal.

Pure Profile paid online surveys Pure Profile
International site, that is fast becoming the best survey site out there, surveys are worth between $1 to $5 and surveys you don't qualify for will earn you 20 cents for your time, add to that, you get paid 5 to 25 cents just to visit sites, this is a fast earner and is highly recommended for everyone to join.

Email Cash online surveys Rewards Central
Formerly know as Email Cash this is the best of the best when it comes to Aussie sites. You will get paid for Surveys and reading emails also get cash back on shopping purchases, this is one of the better sites out there and has been established for over 8 years. You can get a cash payout at $30 payable by cheque or participate in their Email cash Auctions or redeem for gift certificates. Email Cash also has a 1 level referral system so that you can refer your friends and family.

My Opinions online surveys My Opinions
My Opinions is owned and operated by Reward central formerly Email Cash, surveys at My Opinions pay points with 3000 points redeemable for a $30 cheque, on top of the normal surveys you can do quick surveys that pay a couple of points and you will get more points for any survey that you begin but don’t qualify for. As with Email Cash you can also take advantage of My Opinions referral program and get paid 200 points for every active referral. Plenty of surveys and the referral program make My Opinions a quick earner and well worth joining.

Market View paid online surveys Market View
For every survey completed at Market View you will be automaticaly entered into a draw to win $5,000, you will also be awarded points that can be saved and then spent in Marketviews online shopping store.. Some of the surveys offer the chance to see new products or services from companies before the general public does. Their clients are some of the world's largest computer, consumer goods, automotive, food manufacturers and web based companies. So chances of actualy receiving free products to trial are quite high. 100 Market View points equates to approximately $1.00 and surveys reward between $1 and $5 on completion. If you are invited to do a survey and do not qualify you will still earn 50 marketview points.

Brandleaders banner Brand Leaders
Brandleaders Australia - Become a member of an exciting new program where you can enjoy great offers and opportunities to win exciting prizes Use your BrandLeaders points to redeem a chance to win great prizes like a NEC 42 inch HD Plasma TV, a Navman S80 Widescreen GPS, $10,000 cash and more!

Recommended Paid to Read Email sites

Matrixmails is one of those that you must join, in operation since 2002 and it paid out close to $500,000 to it's members. With options to get paid such as reading emails, clicking ads, signing up for offers, writing articles and even to play games this is a site, that I personaly think is well worth joining and well worth upgrading your membership for the added membership benefits. Even paying $60 for a lifetime gold membership you will have that money back within a few months. Not to mention that all members get a 20 cent bonus for every $2.00 they personaly earn and a $1.00 bonus for every $4.00 personaly earnt, this makes Matrixmails one of the must join sites.
Payout Minimum: Referral Levels: Activity: Payout by:
$2.00 20, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2% 0% Paypal, Egold
Matrixmails paid to read and click

I have been a member of this site, for over 4 years now and it is still going strong, a low $3.00 payout which is easy to get and a 0% activity requirement to earn from your referrals, makes this one of the must join sites in the get paid industry. Boasting, paid to read, paid to click and paid to signup offers you will quickly find out just how easy it is to earn money online just by being a member of Adpaid
Payout Minimum: Referral Levels: Activity: Payout by:
$3.00 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1% 0% Paypal, Egold
Adpaid paid to read and click

arrow Youromail
Whilst the $10 minimum payout may seem alittle high it is actualy quite easy to get, quite a few emails are sent from this site daily of various amounts making your earnings increase rapidly. This site has also been running for a few years and will be around for many more to come. I only promote a few paid to read/clicks sites and this is one of the few that I recommend.
Payout Minimum: Referral Levels: Activity: Payout by:
$10.00 10, 5, 5, 3, 2, 1% 0% Paypal, Egold
Youromail paid to read and click

Cash Delight
Another site that has been around for over 5 years and hasn't missed a beat, Cash Delight automaticaly pays everyone with a balance of $2.00 or more every Friday, plenty of emails and paid to clicks daily and the opportunity to make more money by taking advantage of their signup offers, Cash Delight has paid out almost $250,000 to it's members.
Payout Minimum: Referral Levels: Activity: Payout by:
$2.00 15, 8, 4, 3, 1% 5% Paypal, Egold
Cash Delight paid to read and click

Getpaidmail is another site that has been around for 5 years plus and has over 60,000 members enjoying the benefits of this site, paid to read, paid to click and plenty of paid to signup offers, minimum payout is $8.00 but there is no minimum payout for upgraded members.
Payout Minimum: Referral Levels: Activity: Payout by:
$8.00 15, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1% 0% Paypal, Egold
Getpaidmail paid to read and click

Tesasteamails is an international get paid to read email program launched 4th May, 2004. An excellent free affiliate program with no Activity Requirement to earn from your down line TesasTeaMails has plenty of earning opportunities for it's members, with a minimum payout of 50 cents for members using paypal and $2 for egold.
Payout Minimum: Referral Levels: Activity: Payout by:
50 cents 5, 3, 1, 1% 0% Paypal, Egold
Tesasteamails paid to read and click

AllMyMoneyForYou is run by a good friend of mine Claudi who has been around the get paid industry for a few years now. AllMyMoneyForYou has been running since 2004 and 1% of all advertising income goes direct into a charity fund. This is a nice little earner with a really great program owner.
Payout Minimum: Referral Levels: Activity: Payout by:
50 cents 13, 5, 2% 0% Paypal, Egold, Alertpay
AllMyMoneyForYou paid to read and click

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