Kim is a proficient guitarist with a passion for instrumental music.  Kim was introduced to the guitar briefly as a child but it wasn't until her late teens that Kim began to see it from a more serious perspective.  

Kim began to study classical guitar and coupled with her vocal and song writing ability, soon had regular gigs around Sydney.

After moving to the Central Coast several years ago, Kim resumed her studies of both Jazz and Classical whilst teaching and performing.

Kim began to "move away" from writing vocal songs feeling that more could be said through just music and melody.  Kim's influences have been Classical, Celtic, and Contemporary music and because of this Kim began learning to play  other stringed instruments such as Mandolin and Celtic Harp.  

Kim's debut album, "Intrinsic", is a journey from start to finish, although each song is different from  the next, there is a flowing thread which links it all together.

Intrinsic is a very moving album inspired by God and His creation.

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