Random House

May 2018

$16.99 US

218p hc

ISBN: 978-0399550843

follows Izzy Kline Has Butterflies

The Cure For Cold Feet

Beth Ain

from Penguin Random House..

Junior high school girls, meet your new BFF! Izzy Kline faces all the drama of middle school with total honesty and deep heart.

Hiding out in the girls’ bathroom . . .
FaceTiming one friend while group chatting two others . . .
Forced to ballroom dance with a boy for a social studies unit . . .

There is a LOT going on in middle school. 

New experiences and shifting dynamics are around every turn. And it’s not just her friends–Izzy’s family is shifting as well. It’s anxiety-inducing but also thrilling as Izzy learns to stake her claim. 

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