A Yearling Book

March 2018

$6.99 US

186p pb

ISBN: 978-0399550836

fp March 2017

Izzy Kline Has Butterflies

Beth Ain

from Penguin Random House...

So many momentsóbig and smallómake up a year, and Beth Ain chronicles them all in this heartwarming novel in verse, perfect for fans of Fish in a Tree and verse novels like Brown Girl Dreaming and The Crossover.
Itís a new school year, and Izzy Kline is having some feelings. There are plenty of reasons for the butterflies in her stomach to flap their wings. Thereís a new girl in her class who might be a new best friend. The whole grade is performing Free to Be . . . You and Meóand Izzy really wants a starring role. And new changes at home are making Izzy feel like her family is falling apart. First-day jitters, new friends, an audition . . . How many butterfly problems can one kid take?

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