Celapene Press

September 2014

$14.95 AU

144p pb

ISBN: 978-0975074268

In Hades

Goldie Alexander

from the book...

Kai and Bilby-G have cared little for the impact their actions have had on other people. When tragedy strikes, they are thrown into a journey of self-reflection where they must explore the real meaning of trust, love, family and forgiveness.

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This novel in verse by Goldie Alexander tells the story of Kai who is a teenager living it rough after leaving home. With neither of his parents really wanting him, both having new partners whom he despises, he ends up living on the streets. He spends his days avoiding the authorities, searching for food and getting high. When his younger autistic brother finds him on the street one day, the two go together for a joyride with disastrous consequences. Finding himself in Hades, he meets a girl, Bilby-G, who together have to travel through this underworld and find redemption.

Utilizing the Greek underworld along with its various mythical characters and creatures, Alexander creates a series of challenges for Kai and Bilby-G which ultimately enables them to face their lives and the consequences of their selfish actions. This is a novel easily read in one or two sittings which explores redemption and contemporary issues in a mythical setting.

Bea, Adelaide

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