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October 2012

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ISBN: 978-0987255600

Nobody's Boy

Dianne Bates

from the book...

Ron Green's family is broken, just like him. He isn't able to live with his mum or dad, or step-mother. He's nobody's boy. Now he's being fostered by his aunt who has three sons of her own.

It's a chaotic, angry environment, and young Ron isn't at all happy. When strangers, Rosie and Bob, offer to care for him, he jumps at the chance, rebels against his aunt, and is placed with them.

It's the kind of home he's always dreamed of. 

There is only one thing missing. 

He aches to be with his dad ...

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Nobodyís Boy told in verse by Dianne Bates tackles the subject of foster children. Ron Green is in Year 5 and has had many homes. With his drug dependent mother he has lived on the streets but she is in jail now. He wants to live with his dad but he has a new life now and is re-remarried to Anna who does not like Ron at all. So then heís moved to live with his Aunt Maree but she does not make life easy nor do her three brat sons. But this does not last long and his previous carers Pearl and Brian are on holidays so Ron is moved to live with foster parents Rosie and Bob. What does a young ten year do when he has no lasting experience of a home and all he wants to do is be with his dad?

Told to good effect with a minimum of words Dianne Bates establishes a credible situation of a young boy, angry, confused and wanting family. The structure allows for an intimate insight into Ron and the confusion and frustration he feels. Snippets of happiness shine through and give some hope to Ronís predicament. Despite the book cover suggesting a much older protagonist and readership this book is suitable for primary school aged readers.

Pete, Canberra, Australia

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