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June 2013

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ISBN: 978-1442434240

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Little Dog, Lost

Marion Dane Bauer

illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell

from the book...

"Bark! Bark! Bark! A-wooooo-ooo-ooo!"

To Mark, it sounded exactly like "Mark! Mark! Mark! I need yooooooooou!" 

And Mark doesn’t have a dad or a brother or a sister or even a cousin living close enough to count, so he needs a dog—and maybe this dog needs him, too. 

From bestselling Newberry Honor-winning author Marion Dane Bauer comes a novel about a small town and the small acts of bravery that can bring a lost dog and some lonely neighbors together.

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Little Dog Lost is a fantastic novel about a little dog called Buddy whose owners move away to the big city and give her away to a friend who knows nothing about dogs. Meanwhile in a town called Earthy a boy called Mark dreams about having his very own dog, every night when he gets into bed he tells his invisible dog to sit and Mark will eventually ask it to ‘come up now’. Mark’s mother, the mayor of Earthly refuses to get a dog for him. One night Mark has a dream that isn’t about having his own dog, but about having a dog park in Earthly, a place where kids and their dogs can run around freely and safely. The next day Mark puts the idea forward to his mum, “Mark, where would Earthly have room for a dog park?!” his mother says firmly. Later that evening Mark calls all his friends and their dogs to meet at the old tree in the town park. Meanwhile Buddy sits behind the old picket fence, keeping her in the backyard feeling sad and depressed dreaming of the day her boy will return. She then notices a mound of soft dirt under the fence, she tests it with her paw ‘easy to dig’ she thinks.

Little Dog Lost is written in poetry verses which, in my opinion, makes it easier to follow and read, it is also structured extremely well as the verses help it to change from each character’s perspective really smoothly. Marion Dane Bauer has done a fantastic job writing this novel and Jennifer A. Bell has done some gorgeous illustrations! I highly recommend this book to all readers as it is one of the best books I have read.

Chloe, age 12, Canberra, Australia

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