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August 2019

$16.99 AUD

352p pb

ISBN: 978-0571339723

fp August 2018

In Paris With You

Clementine Beauvais

translated by Sam Taylor

from Allen & Unwin..

Eugene and Tatiana could have fallen in love. If things had gone differently. But time has found them far apart, leading separate lives.

Until they meet once more in Paris...

Powerful, feisty, intelligent, set in a Parisian's version of Paris, this is a love story that you'll actually believe in!

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In Paris with You by Clementine Beauvais is the story of two friends who met as teenagers. At the time, Eugene rejected Tatianaís love and they drifted away from each other to pursue separate lives. Ten years later, a few glimpses of Tatiana as an adult gets Eugene out of his boring life and obsessed with the girl he once ignored from his childhood. 

This novel is in the romance genre and has a back story filled with teen issues. It would appeal to people who have been in love. Itís a light and fluttery love story that people over 13 years old would understand, but of course anyone can read it if they have felt the feeling of true love.

The novel was an easy read; the layout made you feel like you were in the minds of the characters, and you felt sad, happy or scared with them. Each chapter read like a poem, every sentence connected to the previous, and reading it felt like you were dancing through the book. Overall it was modern and very relatable. I strongly recommend it.

Leila, age 14

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