Candlewick Press

July 2015

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ISBN: 978-0763676735

fp May 2013

follows Shark Girl

Formerly Shark Girl

Kelly Bingham

from the book...

Itís been a year since the shark attack that took Janeís arm, and with it, everything she used to take for granted. Her dream of becoming an artist is in jeopardy, and part of her wonders if she's duty bound to "give back" by becoming a nurse. Meanwhile, her former crush, Max, reappears in her life, this time as a science tutor, and Jane's old feelings come bubbling to the surface. But Max couldn't possibly be interested in her, could he? Ane would Jane be better off with the cute boy from her science class, who makes it clear that he'd like to see more of her?

Formerly Shark Girl picks up where Kelly Binghamís artful, honest debut novel left off, following Jane as she struggles to remember who she was before she was Shark Girl - and to figure out who she is now.

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Following on from Shark Girl this novel in verse follows Janeís struggle with her future. She has some big decisions to make, including what career to pursue and whether to have another operation on her arm. Will she pursue a career in nursing and give back to those in need after everyone has given her so much or will she pursue her passion as an artist even without her drawing arm. Her struggles in Science class lead her to get a tutor, who turns out to be Max, the boy from Shark Girl. Will a romance with him be possible and what happens when he encourages her to go back into the water. Finally is the excruciating pain she is feeling in her phantom limb, will she have more dreaded surgery to attempt to alleviate it?

These and more decisions are needed to be made by Jane in this captivating and satisfying follow up novel to Shark Girl. Jane is a strong and determined character whom readers will enjoy following on her journey. Interspersed throughout the book are letters from strangers to Jane who feel compelled to contact her. How these are responded to is unclear but show how she is an inspiration to many. The verse format and first person narration make this a personal and easy to read story for adolescent readers. Recommended!

Bea, Canberra

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