Lobster Press

April 2009

$10.95 US

192p pb

ISBN: 978-1897550106

Wolf Pack Of The Winisk River

Paul Brown

from the book...

Powerful free verse captures the raw beauty of the landscape and wildlife of northern Ontario.

Food is scarce after a harsh winter and in order to stay alive, a large timber wolf must fight off two young male wolves and insert himself into a pack led by a strong alpha female. Together they lead the pack’s two-hundred-mile journey along the Winisk River to Hudson Bay and the Severn River, pursuing the Woodland Caribou. As their struggle for survival intensifies, the wolves are threatened by human hunters, near-starvation, treacherous waters, and attacks by competing packs.

In this bold literary work, Paul Brown explores the Great North and the heart of its wildlife through the eyes of a determined, courageous timber wolf.

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