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July 2013

$6.99 US

238p pb

ISBN: 978-1442417014

fp July 2012

Eva of the Farm

Dia Calhoun

from the book...

Twelve-year-old Eva DeHart knows her family’s farm is the best, most magical place in the whole world. The Farm has apple trees and sun daisies and a creek. The Farm has frightening things, too—like cougars, bears, and a dead tree that Eva calls the Demon Snag. All these things shoot out Eva's fingertips into her poems. She dreams of being a heroine of shining deeds, but who's ever heard of a heroine-poet?

Eva has that very chance when a blight strikes the orchard and a letter from the bank arrives marked "Foreclosure." She puts all the power of her imagination at work to save the Farm. From a booth at the farmer’s market to the snowbound hills where the coyotes hunt, Eva discovers that we face our fears and find our courage in the most unexpected places.

This novel by acclaimed author Dia Calhoun is about the transforming powers of imagination and hope, which can turn us all into heroes.

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