Puffin Books

May 2004

$12.95 AU

64p pb

ISBN: 978-0143301301

Farm Kid

Sherryl Clark

from the book...

Farm is Mum and Dad, rising early

Farm is milk truck, rumbling over bridge

Farm is me, running wide and free.


The family farm is the only life Zack knows. To him it's space, blue skies, cows, hay and the creek. But the drought could change everything.

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Farm Kid tells the tale of country boy Zack. Told in verse this book delves into various aspects of Zacks’ life, from his family to life on the farm, from playing to doing chores, from pets to school life. Each poem reveals another aspect of the life of Zack and his family. The hardships of country life are intertwined among the joys and the ever present drought poses a real threat.

Aimed at young readers in middle primary school this book is sure to be a winner with its gentle tale, easy pace and range of events covered. The illustrations throughout, by Christina Miesen, help break up the pages and add to the text.

Simone, Adelaide, South Australia

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