July 2021

$14.99 AUD

112p pb

ISBN: 978-0702263231

Mina and the Whole Wide World

Sherryl Clark

Art by Briony Stewart

from UQP...

Mina wants her own bedroom more than anything else in the whole wide world. And itís almost ready! Just one more lick of sunny yellow paint and itís hers.

But when Mina's parents take in an unexpected guest, they give her room away. At first, Mina is too upset to speak. She doesnít care that this new boy, Azzami, needs a place to stay.

At school, the other kids call Azzami names, and Mina wishes heíd stand up for himself. Then she sees his drawings, and for the first time really thinks about the life of the quiet boy in front of her.

Here is a story about finding friendship where you least expect it and making room for everyone across this big wide world.

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