Puffin Books

March 2010

$14.95 AU

70p pb

ISBN: 978-0143304432


Sherryl Clark

from the book...

Since Chris lost his best mate, Dave, cars are all he really cares about.  Then Josh Carter moves to town.  His dad is a famous racing car driver and everyone wants to be Josh's friend.  But as Chris soon discovers, Josh is a bit of a motormouth, and that's where the trouble begins . . .

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Chris has recently lost his best friend who was killed in a car crash; he now feels alone and isolated at school. His main interest in life is cars and he has 27 model cars and hopes to one day to be a mechanic on a race team. A new student, Josh Carter, arrives at school and his dad is a race car driver! Josh has lots of stories to tell about his dad. But one day, after a fall out between the two, Josh looks up Alex Carter the racing car driver on the internet and makes a startling discovery…

This short novel, told in verse is a quick and easy read. It is a story of friendship and the ups and downs that come in life. Readers aged 9+ who are into cars should enjoy it.

Sam, Canberra, Australia

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