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May 2007

$14.95 AU

68p pb

ISBN: 978-0143303008

Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!)

Sherryl Clark

from the book...

All the girls want to be style queens -  except Dawn. Problem is, she's not really sure what she wants.


But as everything in her life starts to change, Dawn learns that sometimes not having the answers isn't such a bad thing after all.

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This slim, novel in verse, tells the story of Dawn, a Year 6 girl, who does not feel she fits in. She’s not like Melissa Banner, the popular ‘style queen’. Coupled with this her parents are increasingly fighting and her older sister, Natalie, treats her as a servant and as an idiot. Things come to a head and Dawn’s dad moves out and her friend Emily is now with Melissa. Her life seems on a downward spiral…but then she meets Paul and things click.

This is a heart warming, gentle story about growing up and dealing with change and the value of friendship, acceptance and moving on. I enjoyed this book and read it in a single sitting. I’m sure others will enjoy it too. The design and layout of the book is to be mentioned – from the green writing throughout and the illustrations and graph paper background, this is a well designed book.

Donna, Adelaide, Australia

Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!) is about a teenage girl named Dawn. Dawn hates the school’s popular Style Queen, Melissa, and Melissa thinks Dawn is NOT cool, ‘No way, Frog Spawn’. Dawn’s life is falling to pieces as her mum and dad break up, she loses her best friend and Melissa makes her feel miserable. But it all changes when she meets Paul…

The book Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!) is realistic in the way Sherryl Clark shows the frustrations of Dawn’s life. It is a book mainly for girls aged 9  to 13. Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!) is written very cleverly in verse and I really enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it to any teenage girl who enjoys verse novels.

Ronja, age 11, Canberra, Australia

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