October 2009

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ISBN: 978-0747599807

fp September 2008

Hate That Cat

Sharon Creech

from Bloomsbury...

Jack is back at school and still enjoying lessons with Miss Stretchberry. But he doesn't agree with everything about her, for example Miss Stretchberry likes cats, and Jack hates them. Or does he?

A delicious book perfect for reading alone, or aloud, that displays once again Sharon Creech's incredible skill as a writer of fiction for young readers.

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In this follow on from Love That Dog Sharon Creech once again brings us into the world of Jack and his poems. Jack is in Miss Stretchberry’s class for another year and is still writing poetry. He is dealing with the loss of his dog, Sky and has no time for cats, particularly after a run in with the local black cat. He learns about new concepts in poetry such as alliteration and onomatopoeia and Creech deftly weaves in the work of well known poets in her story. Despite his Uncle’s dismissal of free verse (and that poetry should rhyme) Jack continues writing his poetry and gradually reveals more about himself and his mother, who is deaf. Miss Stretchberry and her kittens which she brings to school one day also slowly open Jack’s heart to the possibility that not all cats are mean and that another pet could be accommodated in his heart.

This is certainly a worthy sequel and is a book to treasure. Despite being told only through Jack’s responses to his teacher we learn a lot about the figures in Jack’s life and his growing confidence in his poetry. It is a touching story and one that can easily be read in one sitting and allows for more than one reading. The addition of referred to poems and a reading list is also most welcome.

Trent , Canberra , Australia

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