Houghton Mifflin 

June 2003

$6.95 US

64p pb

ISBN: 978-0618311071

fp March 1999

Moon Over Tennessee: a boy's civil war journal

Craig Crist-Evans

wood engravings by Bonnie Christensen

from Houghton Mifflin...

In the spring of 1863, a thirteen-year-old boy leaves his home in north-eastern Tennessee with his father, who has joined the Confederate army. The boy rides with him to care for the horses and help with camp duties. A moving personal narrative in the form of a journal, this powerful poem tells of one boy's journey into war - and the horrible climax at Gettysburg that would forever change his life. Illustrated with striking black-and-white woodcuts, Moon Over Tennessee is a vivid, lyrical, and intensely human document of the terrible personal cost of the Civil War.

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