Candlewick Press

February 2007

$24.95 AU

148p hc

ISBN: 978-0763626242


Sharon Darrow

from the book...

Boy and Sissy are accustomed to feeling like trash: their mother discarded them - never even bothered to name them - and a foul wind blows them from one foster home to the next. Fed up with the stench of other people's decaying lives, they run.


Across the brick and concrete walls of the city, boy and sissy begin to tell the world who they really are.

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Sissy and Boy are the two main characters of this book, which talks about their lives since being abandoned by their mother. They are moved from one foster home to another and are sick of this so they try to escape. 

The story is an entire novel told using poems. It can be fun to read, as the text is set out in weird and wacky formats. Some pages may only have a few words on them whilst others have words slanting in odd directions or forming odd shapes. The visual structure of the text in this book is very original and quite attention grabbing. 

The series of events in the story is interesting in the way that they are told (using only poems and verses) about the lives of these two misfortunate children.  The poems within Trash have meanings that are sometimes a little deep or not so easy to interpret at first, so this book is probably easier to read for people who enjoy reading less casual and more mature fiction. No illustrations are in this book but the words themselves almost create pictures, both literally and mentally.

My personal opinion in regards to this book is that it is a great read for someone who enjoys poetry or novels in verse and enjoys books that aren’t so happy and cheerful. When I first started reading this book, it seemed quite gloomy to me and the description of the garbage and stench was not at all appealing! Nonetheless a good read.

Xiaowen, age 15, Canberra, Australia

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