May 2007

$16.95 AU

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ISBN: 978-0330423076

What Does Blue Feel Like?

Jessica Davidson

from the book...

Char is seventeen. She's in her last year of school. She's in a mess.

She can't sleep, she can't eat. She feels... nothing.

As Char deals with her parents, her boyfriend Jim, her friends, parties, school work and end-of-year exams, we feel just what it's like to be seventeen and so unsure that the future is anything more than just a concept of time.

A compelling verse novel from an exciting new voice in children's fiction. Confronting, realistic, funny and chilling, the kaleidoscopic emotions of a teenager on the edge are poignantly conveyed in powerful verses that weave in and out of Char's view of the world, and the views of those around her who watch, disturbed, helpless, as Char slowly loses herself.

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What Does Blue Feel Like? by Jessica Davidson is a very confronting story that encompasses a variety of emotions that the reader can relate to. Char is a seventeen year old girl with her whole life in front of her. That is until her life is turned upside down and she becomes a stranger to those closest to her. Char becomes depressed and suicidal as her grades fall, she can’t eat or sleep and she begins turning to alcohol.

What Does Blue Feel Like? is quite out of the ordinary and isn’t like most teenage novels around today. The book is written through a number of poems. These poems add more meaning to the story and the unique titles add more depth because each is a reflection of the different emotions Char and those around her are feeling. All of these elements make this novel easier to read and more effective for the reader to understand the messages the author is attempting to convey and feel the emotions that are being portrayed. Overall, I would recommend this book to any readers aged 15+.

Tanja, age 15, Canberra, Australia

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