Breath of Fresh Air Press

March 2017

$19.95 AUD

168p pb

ISBN: 978-1922135377

Sink, Drift, or Swim

Michelle Dennis Evans

from Breath of Fresh Air Press...

When dreams drown, hope floats …

Coffee-addicted Valerina has more reason to head to Café Legato than the fact they make a great latte. There is that perfect barista—Josh.

When did this childhood friend become the centre of Rina’s every thought? When did his voice become so smooth, like velvet chocolate? When did the breeze from his insanely long lashes begin to fan the fire in her heart?

At Café Legato, Rina can escape from her loving and lively family. In the cool breeze of Josh’s lashes, she is able to momentarily forget her role as big sister to four-and-a-half siblings. Drowning in latte and Josh’s warm smile, she can set aside her fear that some things at home are not quite right. At Café Legato, Rina can daydream in tongue-tied bliss.

But some dreams come true. Did Josh really invite her to hang out the next day? Did those words fall from his perfectly luscious lips? If he did, Valerina would be there, come hell or high water, but first she had today to get through.

Today was Dad’s “special time,” with a fishing trip acting as the cover for a father to daughter heart-to-heart. Rina was changing, and so was life in her family. Did she really want to get deep and meaningful with her father? Did she want to share her fears for her brother Zach? Would Dad want to talk about her wavering faith?

Valerina will face the day, one wave at a time. Until the storm hits, and Rina finds herself completely out of her depth. Will her father’s faith be enough to keep them afloat?

And through it all, one thought remains … Josh.

Sink, Drift, or Swim is a page-turning young adult novel written in free verse.

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