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After The Death Of Anna Gonzales

Terri Fields

from Macmillan...

Brutally honest and authentic in tone, this collection of voices centers on the suicide of high school freshman Anna Gonzales. Each piece, read alone, portrays a classmate's or teacher's personal reaction to the loss, taken hard by some, by others barely noticed. Read together, the poems create a richly textured and moving testimony to the rippling effects of one girl's devastating choice. Terri Fields has written a thought-provoking, important work that resonates with both pain and hope. This is a book that will stay with readers long after they put it down.

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This is a very serious verse novel with its main theme being suicide. This book is about Anna Gonzales’ death. It is written by a collection of people who knew her as a friend, or wanted to know her. It is a recount of previous things that they did together or things that they never got to do together. This is a very powerful book because it explains how each person will miss Anna Gonzales.

I really liked this book because of the way it was written showing a different person’s perspective on how they knew Anna. I found this to be a very powerful book that dealt with many themes that most teenagers deal with. Since it deals with many teenage problems I would recommend it to teenagers and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Ben, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

I just finished the book. My daughter asked me to return it to the library for her today, but I decided to read it first.

I am a secretary in a very small school. I plan to purchase a copy for our small school library.

Paula, Ohio

After the death of Anna Gonzales is a unique novel, which deals with realistic teenage issues. The novel is from forty-seven different classmates, peers and teachers perspective of how the sudden death of Anna affected them. They share their feelings, thoughts and traumatic anguish they suffered through poetry and testimonies.

Anna Gonzales might have been a fictional character, but there are many teenagers and youth of today who can relate to the emotive thoughts and words Anna wrote and spoke. Anna’s sudden death shocked everyone, from teachers to students, family members to the community. She wasn’t well known, and not many of her peers got the opportunity to ever approach her or even talk to her.

This novel is very intense and meaningful, it made me personally realise, you shouldn’t take people and things in life for granted. Furthermore, it made me think of the things we value in life and how materialistic our society has become; most of today’s generation only talk to certain people purely based on looks, sense of style and friendship groups.

When writing this story Terri Fields was very creative in the way she used the students emotions and daunting memories about Anna to write out the verses of the novel. She also used a very cleaver combination of characters, some of which knew Anna, didn’t know Anna, were friends with her, had a crush on her and so on.

I really enjoyed reading this novel, because I found it to be realistic and you could actually imagine yourself in a situation like that, whether its Anna’s pains and feelings your enduring or one of the students. Personally I’d recommend this novel to people who are aged 13+. I would do this based on the reason that After The Death of Anna Gonzales is a serious novel, in which you have to see past the text in order to appreciate the full worth of the book. Out of 10 I give this novel 8.5.

Mamta, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

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