Margaret Ferguson Books Holiday House

January 2022

$11.99 AUD

88p pb

ISBN: 978-0823449934

fp March 2020

Blue Daisy

Helen Frost

pictures by Rob Shepperson

from Holiday House...

A dirty, skinny dog shows up in Sam and Katie's neighbourhood. They start to follow it, and they don't like what they see: The Wilson sisters yell at it because it goes in their garden and the Tracy twins chase it on their bikes and throw things at it.

Sam and Katie want the dog to know they'll be its friends. They think it should have a name. Most of all, they want it to like them. But then they do something thoughtless, and after that, it's hard to make things right, especially because the dog now won't come near them.

How they earn the dog's trust, help it find its place in their town and how it gets its name, makes for a heart-warming story told in two voices using prose and poetry.

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