Tickner & Fields: Clarion Books

October 1988

$13.95 US

98p hc

ISBN: 978-0899196565

Back To Class

Mel Glenn

Photographs by Michael J. Bernstein

from the book...

What student v- or - teacher hasn't asked the question, 'Does anyone know how I feel?' Mel Glenn, poet and educator, demonstrates once more that he understands the young and not-so-young. Here, in his third book of high school poems, we meet teachers as well as students struggling with self-image, enjoying personal triumphs, handling relationships. and facing other issues more common than we think.

Mr. Robert Winograd wishes he looked like a big-league ballplayer instead of an English teacher, Malory Wade is terrified of going up to the board in math class. garrett Chandler has an original excuse for his teacher, Ms. Parsons, 'I don't have time to study history. I'm making it instead.'

Mel Glenn's free verse poems, highlighted by perceptive photographs by Michael J. Bernstein, reveal surprising insights into the emotional world of high school teachers and the students they meet everyday.

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