Clarion Books

November 1986

$13.95 US

96p hc

ISBN: 978-0899194431

Class Dismissed II: More High School Poems

Mel Glenn

Photographs by Michael J. Bernstein

from the book...

Falling inn love or falling out of love, making the grade or missing the mark, many of the fictional high school students in this book are groping to get a handle on their lives. No wonder Wendy Tarloff insists she wants 'a slow, easy ride to maturity,' and Nolan Davis asks a fun house mirror 'Will I ever see a clear image of myself?'

In an exciting sequel to Class Dismissed!, Mel Glenn presents seventy new poems based upon the emotional lives of the students he has taught. His photographs and Michael Bernstein's appealing photographs capture the honest feelings of today's teenagers struggling with humor and determination to bring their world and themselves into focus.

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