Morrow Junior Books

June 1999

$16.00 US

159p hc

ISBN: 978-0688164720

Foreign Exchange: a mystery in poems

Mel Glenn

from the book...

When students from urban Tower High School are invited to spend a weekend in Hudson Landing, not all of the residents of the rural town are pleased. The city kids will bring crime and drugs, some say. There's no place for them in small-town America.

Each urban teenager is paired with a rural teen, with interesting and sometimes comic, results. But when beautiful local girl Kristen Clarke is found murdered, townspeople point the finger at Kwame Richards, an African-American boy from Tower High who danced with Kristen at the "foreign exchange" dance.

Award-winning poet Mel Glenn has written a compelling mystery - told through poetry - that explores stereotypes and prejudice, and that delves into the inner lives of teens and townspeople. Readers will become absorbed in this story in poems as they try to figure out who killed Kristen Clarke.

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