Lodestar Books

March 1997

$16.99 US

192p hc

ISBN: 978-0525675488

The Taking Of Room 114: a hostage drama in poems

Mel Glenn

from the book...

What's up?

Is this a joke?

I gotta go to the DMV

And pick up my plates.

You crazy, man?

Put that thing down.

Students in Mr. Wiedermeyer's senior history class are in for a shock when they attend one of their last classes of the year. Held hostage by their gun-toting teacher, they all wonder if this might be not only the end of school but the end of their lives.

Trapped in the classroom, the students think about their years at Tower High. Five poems about each student - as a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, and on the day they are held hostage - reveal their dreams, secrets, and fears of contemporary teens in an urban high school.

As police, school administrators, and frustrated parents and spectators try to understand the puzzling and bitter notes that the teacher slips under the door, the hidden life of the high school comes to light. Readers will be gripped by the suspenseful story and will find their own lives reflected in these honest, hard-hitting poems by an award winning author.

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The Taking of Room 114 is similar to Ron Koertge’s The Brimstone Journals. It mainly follows the school days of the 22 students attending Mr. Wiedermeyer’s senior history class at Tower High. For most students, it is one of their last classes of the year and boy are they in for a big surprise. Every student who walks into the class is held hostage by a gun wielding psychopathic history teacher. Join all 22 students as they evolve from freshman to sophomore, to junior and then finally to senior and find out what their darkest secrets and their future dreams are. What will happen to these young adults just before they are about to leave high school? Will they ever be able to follow their dreams and fulfill there different futures? But the over-arching question is what made Mr. Wiedermeyer tick.

The Taking of Room 114 was a very interesting to read. The book involves 44 characters e.g. teachers, students, parents and spectators. The fact that makes this book so interesting is that the author shows you how opinions can vary depending on what of person you are. It also shows how certain decision can change the course of your life. I would highly recommend this book to people who like mystery and over 13 years old. 

Aazim, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

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