Allen & Unwin

December 2005

$22.95 AU

54p hc

ISBN: 978-1741147162

The True Story Of Mary Who Wanted To Stand On Her Head

Jane Godwin

pictures by Drahos Zak

from Allen & Unwin...

Mary is an upside-down girl and there is just no stopping her.


A spiky story in rhyme about a girl who has a unique view of the world and just can't be made to fit in! The darkly humorous illustrations by Drahos Zak make an irresistible package.


The True Story of Mary, told in 31 verses, is a celebration of what is wayward, wilful and extraordinary in every child.

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The True Story of Mary who wanted to stand on her head, told in thirty one verses, is a quirky story about a girl who just doesn’t fit in. From the moment she was born, Mary wanted to stand on her head. Despite the best intentions of her parents nothing could persuade her otherwise. She was sent by her doctor to the Heaven Scent Hospital – Children’s Ward C for an indefinite stay, but to no avail. Next a specialist sent her to the desert to reflect and mend her ways. But this did not work, so they tried school. Again no success… What will happen to Mary?

This is a hilarious book, told in verse, about a girl who remains true to herself. Borrowing from traditional nonsense poetry this is a great little book for all ages. The book is perfectly complemented by the darkly humorous illustrations by Drahos Zak.

Stephen, Canberra, Australia

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