Pajama Press

October 2016

$9.95 US

240p pb

ISBN: 978-1772780079

Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles

Shari Green

from Pajama Press...

Eleven-year-old Bailey believes in miracles. She has to; it will take a miracle to keep her warring parents together. This summer they are at a Marriage Counselling camp, leaving Bailey and her little brother Kevin with their estranged grandmother in the island town of Felicity Bay. There, an eccentric deposed minister makes a prophecy that a stranger from the sea will change everything. When Bailey discovers a mermaid-shaped piece of driftwood, she begins to believe that the mermaid is this stranger from the sea. Then, when a dolphin becomes stranded on the beach, Bailey forgets her own troubles and rouses the reluctant locals into action. United for the first time in years, the community works together to dig a channel and lead the stranded dolphin back to the bay. Inspired by her part in this collective act of heroism, Bailey finds new faith that her future will somehow work out, with the love of her now extended family.

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