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May 2007

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fp September 2003

Loose Threads

Lorie Ann Grover

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Seventh grader Kay Garber's happy home is made up of four generations of women: Great Gran Eula; Grandma Margie; Kay's mother, Karine; and Kay. But on the evening Grandma Margie tells her family she has a lump in her breast, Kay's world is changed forever.


Struggling with issues of popularity in junior high school, trying to understand her too-perfect mother, dealing with her feelings about friends, and coming to terms with Grandma Margie's cancer diagnosis and illness, Kay is awhirl with questions that have no easy answers. But Kay is a survivor, and as she journeys through these difficult months she comes to a new understanding of the complexities and importance of faith and family.


Told through forthright and perceptive poems in Kay's own voice, Loose Threads reverberates with emotion and depth and will no reader untouched.

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When Grandma Margie tells her loving family she has a lump in her breast the family try to think positive. But when the doctors diagnose Grandma Margie with cancer Kay feels like her life is falling to pieces.


At school Kay’s friends try to be supportive but begin ignoring her. At home every one is preparing for Grandma Margie’s operation. Together, Kay and Grandma Margie love walking down to the river and letting the fish nibble at the bread on the hook. They try to keep away from the subject of cancer and enjoy being together. After the operation the family begin getting back to normal. But after another check up the doctors have more bad news, the cancer is back.


At school Kay is struggling with issues of popularity. She cannot understand her friend’s cruel actions towards the odd girl out, Hattie and slowly Kay ends up on her own.


At home things are getting worse. Grandma Margie is undergoing chemotherapy and needs constant care. Kay begins missing school to be with Grandma Margie. Kay is sent a card from all her teachers and old friends.


When Grandma Margie passes away surrounded by her family Kay cannot understand why God taken her away. But slowly Gran Eula, Karine and Kay put their life together again.


Loose Threads is a very sad but moving book. It definitely illustrates the horrors of cancer very well. I recommend this book for people who like very deep and meaningful books. I suggest it for readers of my age and older as the reader needs to be mature because it is a very emotional book.


Mali, Year 6, Canberra, Australia

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