Alfred A. Knopf

December 2008

$7.99 US

144p pb

ISBN: 978-0440239680

fp March 2007

Your Own, Sylvia: a verse portrait of Sylvia Plath

Stephanie Hemphill

from the book...

She wrote. In journals and essays and letters home. In blazing poetry collections and her one searing autobiographical novel. She stumbled and soared, was loved, rejected, and acclaimed. On February 11, 1963, she took her own life, and passed into a myth that has since imprinted itself on the hearts of millions. She was and is Sylvia Plath, and this is a portrait of her life, told in poems.


In passionate, eloquent verse, Stephanie Hemphill interprets the people, events, influences, and art that made up the tumultuous years of the author of The Bell Jar, Ariel,  and the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Collected Poems. A welcoming introduction for newcomers and an unflinching valentine for the devoted, Your Own, Sylvia invites readers to savour the rich, turbulent life of an enduring literary trailblazer who so fearlessly articulated  the vivid complexities of the human heart.

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