Joanna Cotler Books

August 2005

$7.99 US

164p pb

ISBN: 978-0060579869

September 2006

Cinnamon Girl: letters found inside a cereal box - a novel

Juan Felipe Herrera

from the book...

I want
to see
what is
on the other side of the dust


When the towers fall, New York City is blanketed by dust. On the Lower East Side, Yolanda, the cinnamon girl, makes her manda, her promise, to gather as much of it as she can. Maybe returning the dust to Ground Zero can comfort all the voices. Maybe it can help Uncle DJ open his eyes again.


As tragedies from her past mix in the air of an unthinkable present, Yolanda searches for hope. Maybe it's buried somewhere in the silvery dust of Alphabet City.

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