Scholastic Press

November 2005

$16.99 US

294p hc

ISBN: 978-0439644891

Downtown Boy

Juan Felipe Herrera

from the book...

Juanito Palomares is always the new boy in town. After working in the fields in California's Central Valley, he and his family move to San Francisco's Mission District to live with relatives and Juanito's loco cousins, then on to San Diego where Juanito has no friends and no cousins at all. Juanito reads his comics and tries to stay out of trouble like his mother tells him, but trouble keeps happening. There are the stolen pies, the boxing matches, and the almost fire. In one ear, Chacho whispers, 'You wanna be a chump or a champ?' and in the other ear Mami pleads, 'Please be a good boy. Please stay close to home.' Home? Juanito thinks to himself, Where is home?

In Downtown Boy, Herrera breathes life into city streets, boxing rings, bus stations, and a tiny family who are always on the move between those things, looking for a place to call home.

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