July 2016

$19.95 AUS

218p pb

ISBN: 978-0702253959

Another Night In Mullet Town

Steven Herrick

from the book...

People like you and me, Jonah,

we drag down the price of everything we touch.

Life for Jonah and Manx means fishing for mullet at the lake, watching their school mates party on Friday night and wishing they had the courage to talk to Ella and Rachel.

But now their lakeside town is being sold off, life doesn’t seem so simple. Manx holds a grudge against the wealthy blow-ins from the city and Jonah just wants his parents to stop arguing.

One memorable night at the lake will change everything.

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Another Night in Mullet Town is a verse novel told from the perspective of a boy called Jonah, who lives in a small fishing town. It follows his story through year ten, in a series of poems about his family, love life, friendships and the town he lives in. They are written in such a way which draws you into the story, and you forget you are even reading poems. 

Usually I am not a big fan of verse novels, but I really enjoyed this book and the simplicity of the novel, as it made the plot even more interesting. It deals with themes such as family life, friendships, love life, popularity and social structure.  This is a realistic/ teen issues novel that would appeal to people over the age of 13, as it deals with some delicate issues. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and the style it was written in, and I would highly recommend it to those interested in poetry or teen verse fiction. 

Urvi, age 14

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