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September 2007

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ISBN: 978-1741751291

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Front Street

April 2009

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ISBN: 978-1590785720

Cold Skin

Steven Herrick

from the book...

Eddie doesn't want to be in school, he wants to work in the mine. But his dad won't go down the coal pits and he won't let his sons go either.

Nothing much happens in Burruga, except for fights at the pub. Then one Friday night a girl is found dead by the river, and every man in the town comes under suspicion. Eddie is drawn into secrets and a bitter struggle for revenge...

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This verse novel from Steven Herrick is set in the country town of Burruga where most of the boys grow up to work in the local mine. Nothing much ever happens in Burruga until the dead body of a young girl is found beside the river. Suddenly, everyone is under suspicion and as the tension builds, the hidden truths of Burruga’s citizens are uncovered.

Strong on plot and characters, this book hooks you in from page one. The mystery builds convincingly, making the final outcome difficult to predict. Each character speaks for him or herself which makes them seem very real without having to read lengthy descriptions.

This book would be of interest to all young adult readers who enjoy a well written mystery with a good dose of human interest. Fans of verse novels won’t be disappointed; while those new to the genre will find this a worthy introduction.

Irene, Canberra, Australia

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