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January 2017

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ISBN: 978-0702229848

fp February 1998

companion to Love, Ghosts and Nose Hair

US edition

Simon Pulse

March 2004

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ISBN: 978-0689867118

companion to Love, Ghosts and Facial Hair

A Place Like This

Steven Herrick

from the book...

from the Australian edition

It's every young person's dream to hit the road. Jack and Annabel set out and find fifty acres of unpicked apples and a farmer who'll let them live in his shed.

A brilliant companion to Love, Ghosts & Nose Hair, Steven Herrick's novel perfectly captures the difficult search for identity in an isolated place.

from the US edition

Jack and Annabel have decided to put off university and drive around the country. It all seems wildly romantic, but when their car dies two days into the trip, they end up at George1s apple orchard, figuring it1s just a temporary place to stay and earn some money.

And at first it is. They fill bins with tart, crunchy apples all day, and drink cold beers while snuggling in the hayloft at night. But then Jack recognises something in George1s family that his own family suffered from. So Jack and Annabel decide to stay for a while. They're not sure how to help, but the know they want to try...

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This novel of self discovery, is the wonderful companion to Love, Ghosts & Nose Hair. Now two years later, we continue to learn more about Jack and Annabel as well as the farmer's pregnant daughter, Emma. The novel starts when Jack decides that at  eighteen he doesn't want to continue study. So with his father's good wishes Jack and Annabel set out in an old car bought by Jack's father. They have no destination in mind, maybe a beach or something, but as things would have it they ran out of petrol and ended up on George's farm picking apples to earn money. As they come to learn more about George's family, Jack and Annabel become deeply involved with them. As they pick their apples Jack and Annabel learn more about themselves, Emma and her 'immaculate' conception. 

The novel is in the form of a series of short poems that form the story. I would recommend this novel for young adults from the age of thirteen and up as the sexual references make it unsuitable for younger people.

Michelle, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

A Place Like This is the story of two young lovers, Jack and Annabel, looking for change. They take to the road with high hopes and heads full of dreams. Disaster strikes and they find themselves unable to continue their travels for a time, but thanks to the kindness of strangers they are able to mend their problems and continue on their adventure.

This tale is a down-to-earth look at what can happen when you want to go on a ‘grand adventure’. When Jack’s car breaks down, even after Annabel warning him of such things, it shows that life really is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. This book seems to be aimed at people of all ages, as the author, Steven Herrick, teaches us a lesson about life.

Mat, Year 10, Canberra, Australia

A Place Like This is a verse novel written by Australian novelist Steven Herrick. Jack and Annabel are a young couple who have decided to skip university to run away and start over in a place far away from home. On their long journey their car breaks down and they had forgotten to bring the right stuff to fix it; luckily a farmer was close by and said he could fix their car but only if they stayed at his orchard and picked apples for him. Jack and Annabel weren’t expecting to stay at a farm but at the time they needed the money, so they accepted the farmer’s offer.  Jack and Annabel grow close to the family and give the farmer’s pregnant daughter new hope again.

A Place Like This  is based on love, romance and new beginnings. This novel also relates to teens and the problems, troubles and the choices they make in their teenage lives. I recommend this book to people over 13 years. I rate this book 7 and a half out of 10.

Natasa, Year 8, Canberra, Australia

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