September 2020

$16.99 AUD

242p pb

ISBN: 978-0702263002

Zoe, Max and the Bicycle Bus

Steven Herrick

from UQP...

With their new teacherís help, the kids in Class 5D ride to school together in a bicycle bus. Olivia can fix a puncture in two minutes and Max can ride on one wheel.
Lily wishes she wasnít quite so wobbly and Jordiís been waiting forever to ride on the road. Dylan has a speedy getaway from alley cats, Dabirís glad to be part of a group and Zoeís bike even has a name (Esmeralda). Everyone loves their new way of getting to school.

But thereís a narrow stretch on Fishers Road with no white line to separate the cyclists from the local traffic, so Zoe and Max decide they need to make it right (even if that means breaking a few rules).

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