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April 2008

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ISBN: 978-1845079055

fp September 2007

The Cats In Krasinski Square

Karen Hesse

illustrated by Wendy Watson

from the book...

The cats in Krasinski Square used to belong to someone...

And so did a little girl whose family has been destroyed by war. Even as she and her sister struggle to survive amid the war's chaos, they risk their lives on a plan to help those still trapped behind Warsaw's infamous Ghetto walls.

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This picture book, told in verse by Karen Hesse and illustrated by Wendy Watson gives the reader insight into one incident of Jewish resistance against the Gestapo in Warsaw, during World War II. It tells the story of a young girl who has escaped from the Ghetto and pretends to be Polish; she lives with her sister the only family she has remaining. They have a plan to smuggle food into the Ghetto, by filling the cracks in the wall with food. However, the Gestapo find out about the plan and come with their sniffer dogs. What are they to do?

This is a powerful and moving story which shows a snippet of the ingenuity of people during the most desperate of times. The author’s note and historical note cement the story in its historical context and give further information to readers. This is another great story from the pen of Karen Hesse. Recommended.

Bea, Adelaide, South Australia

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