October 2008


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ISBN: 978-1590785874

More Than Friends: Poems from Him and Her

Sara Holbrook and Allan Wolf

from the book...

From the first furtive looks across the classroom, to the blossom of new romance and the final flameout, teenage love is loaded with awkwardness, uncertainty, dreams, conflict, and pure bliss. Acclaimed poets Sara Holbrook and Allan Wolf combine their considerable talents to explore these feelings and struggles by creating the voices of a girl and boy in the throes of affection. As they experience the giddiness of love, the poems’ two characters must also face obstacles (parents) and distractions (friends) while learning to respect each other’s interests and needs. Can this relationship survive? In sonnets, tankas, villanelles, and other poetic forms, writers Holbrook and Wolf examine the efforts of two teenagers who dare to be more than friends.

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