A Richard Jackson Book
Orchard Books

October 1993

$15.95 US

64p hc

ISBN: 978-0531054987

Stardust Otel

Paul B. Janeczko

illustrated by Dorothy Leech

from the book...

When Leary was born, his young father swung from their old hotel sign in joy. The H snapped off in his hand and has been lying about the place ever since.

Also about the place - a collection of most interesting people, everyone with a story worth the hearing. Alice Singer, from down the hall, loves paperback romances and would like to love Leary (who is only fourteen). Leary loves Becky Loudermilk, who often visits the Stardust  otel, since her home life is lousy: to her, and about her, he dreams several poems.

There is a funny one about his best pal, Wayne, and their visit together to Madame Belinskyb for a bottle of sure-bet elixir. And poems, too, about Leary himself as he grows taller, looks around, sees the world in its brightness and shadow.

And cares.

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