Spinifex Press

January 2003

$19.95 AU

86p pb

ISBN: 978-1876756345

fp 1993

Poems From The Madhouse

Sandy Jeffs

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A powerful collection of poetry about schizophrenia. with an introduction discussing the causes/effects for young people.

Sandy Jeffs in her Poems from the Madhouse, invites the reader into the paradoxical world of insanity: the confusion and clarity, the courage and the fear, the bleak despair and the black comedy. Touching on all these things her work reminds us of the extraordinary capacity of the human being to retain sanity in disaster - another paradox but deliberately expressed, because in reading her poetry you will emerge sadder, wiser, but also exultant in the spirit which she allows us to share.

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This book of poems is a very personal collection of the author, Sandy Jeffs, who delves into the world of madness. Herself a sufferer of schizophrenia, the poems reflect an authentic view of the condition and the confusion, sadness and despair associated with such an illness. They cover the whole gamut of emotions and detail the inner turmoil sufferers feel. I found the paradoxes of confusion and clarity most stark and moving; the poems make the reader empathic with the sufferer. This book teaches us that there is more to a person than ‘being mad’. The book is for young adult and adult readers and is an important addition to the growing world of novels in verse.

Stephen, Canberra, Australia

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