Orchard Books

October 2001

$15.95 US

49p hc

ISBN: 978-0439293167

Running Back To Ludie

Angela Johnson

illustrated by Angelo

from the book...

There's a video of me running

through the park

when I was


looking back at my mom, Ludie.


The narrator of these poems hasn't seen her mother in years. She knows Ludie only through old photographs and distant memories from early childhood. But now she's going to be with Ludie again, if only for a few days. She is finally going to discover how it feels to be her mother's daughter.


With simple grace and astonishing insight, these bittersweet verses explore a tender soul and an aching heart.

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I really don’t know what category this book falls in. It reads and looks like a children’s book but it deals with family issues and racism. I don’t know what age group I would recommend it to because it is short and has pictures but covers themes for older readers. It’s about a girl who has not seen her mum for years and is finally seeing her again. A short, quick verse novel showing how important family is.

Benjamin, age 15, Canberra, Australia

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