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Persea Books

April 2012

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ISBN: 978-0892553853

follows The Secret Of Me

The Girl In The Mirror: a novel in poems and journal entries

Meg Kearney

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Lizzie McLane, the adopted poet-heroine of the widely acclaimed The Secret of Me, is now a high school senior, excited about her future: meeting boys, college, and finally finding her birthmother. Then, on the day a letter from her adoption agency arrives, her adoptive father unexpectedly dies. Lizzie, lost in grief, turns to alcohol and the wrong kind of friends, and her life begins to spiral out of control. Loved ones try to help, but only in her poems and journals can Lizzie make sense of the hurt and her relentless curiosity about her birthmother.

I looked in the mirror . . .
Who was that girl staring at me, blood on her blouse, black under her swollen eyes? I don't know you, I said out loud.
I don't know you, she said back.

The Girl in the Mirror is a story about love and identity—brave, vulnerable, and compelling.

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Lizzie McLane, now in her college years, has finally found her feet after a difficult period of time in her high school years... until the day the letter about her birth mother arrives; the day her adoptive father dies. Flung into grief, and worry, and depression, Lizzie turns to alcohol and the wrong friends. Her day-by-day struggles to stay on top of life are expressed in this book of journal entries and poems.

Although the book only covers a very small amount of time in Lizzie’s life, it seems to stretch and detail every small event that occurs to Lizzie, both good and bad. This is a deep, emotional, and, in some ways, spiritual, retelling of an adopted girl’s story; definitely a novel that a lot of adolescents can connect with. It is quite unusual as a young adult novel to be written in verse, but it more than works. I would definitely recommend this book over and over again to any young adult. I give it a full five stars!

Ronja, age 15, Canberra, Australia

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