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December 2007

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fp December 2005

The Secret Of Me: a novel in poems

Meg Kearney

from the book...

Being adopted is a fact of life in the McLane household: fourteen-year-old Lizzie, as well as her older brother and sister were adopted as infants. But facts are not feelings, and what it feels like to be adopted is something Lizzie never dares openly discuss with her loving parents, let alone with outsiders. Lizzie yearns to confide in others, especially her friend, Peter. Yet something stops her. Will Peter think she is "less" because her birthmother gave her away? Would telling be disloyal to her adoptive parents?

To make sense of her life, Lizzie pours her emotions into her poetry - list poems, sonnets, free verse, blues, sestinas - about her family, best friends, basketball, the dance, and her crush on Peter, Most of the time, her writing keeps the monster at bay, the one who lurks inside "The Broken Place," whispering that she's "damaged goods...a mistake before she was born."

It takes a tragic accident for Lizzie to realize (and write):

If I never tell anyone

outside Cathy and Jan

my secret, I might die

without most people

knowing who I really am.

And then she finally knows what she must do.

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