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March 2004

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fp February 2001

The Brimstone Journals

Ron Koertge

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The Branston High School Class of 2001 seems familiar enough on the surface: there's the Smart One, the Fat Kid, Social Conscience, Bad Girl, Good Girl, Jock, Anorexic, Dyke, Rich Boy, Sistah, Stud ... and Boyd, an Angry Young Man who has just made a dangerous new friend. Now he's making a list.

In a startling, often poignant student journal, poet Ron Koertge creates a suburban high school both familiar and terrifying.

The Branston High School Class of 2001. You might think you know them. You might be surprised.

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Intriguing and thought provoking, I thought The Brimstone Journals written by Ron Koertge was quite scary at some points and made me think about what people are really thinking. It is written from the point of view of different students in the same class at high school, each with their own problems. As the book progressed you could see how troubled some students were, and how dangerous it was when their thoughts began to turn into actions…

When I was reading The Brimstone Journals, it made me think about how unfortunately, we can’t be safe all the time and how badly bullying can affect people.

I liked this book, and although it wasn’t a very uplifting read, it was excellent in the sense that it made you think. I liked the ending, and the issues dealt with in the novel were confronting. This book is for older teenagers, and definitely worth a read.

Suzi, age 15, Canberra, Australia

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