Puncher and Wattmann

December 2014

$24.99 AUD

284p pb

ISBN: 978-1922186584

Vanishing Point

Jeri Kroll

from Puncher & Wattmann...

Vanishing Point is a crossover verse novel that poses the question of how individuals can learn to be comfortable in their own bodies. Nineteen-year-old Diana Warren suffers from anorexia and bulimia. She faces a challenging situation at home with dysfunctional parents and a Down-syndrome brother, which causes her to seek refuge in female role models in the mythic past. An Irish racehorse trainer who reignites her childhood love of horses causes her to question everything. Will she choose life or death? And what happens when that choice is taken out of her hands?

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Vanishing Point tells the story of 19 year old Diana who is struggling with body issues and her own sense of self. Her family seems to be on a path to disintegration with her mother retreating into religion and her father into his work. This leaves Diana to look after her brother, Philip who has Down’s Syndrome. They have a close bond albeit strained at times. The only control Diana feels she has in her life is over her body weight which progressively decreases until she is hospitalised. When Irish horse trainer Conor comes into her life, bringing with him warm memories of her childhood love of horses and time spent with her gran, Diana begins the slow path of recovery…

This intimately told novel in verse is lyrical and literary. The exquisite poems invite reading and re-reading and immerse the reader into Diana’s world. Told over three parts (Losing It, Plateau, and Gaining It) and using multiple voices this is a compelling read. The unique voices add dimension and depth as well as back story. With female figures from the mythical past, elements from Alice In Wonderland and sections in prose this is one powerful and beautifully written verse novel for older teenagers, young adults and adult readers.

Stephen, Canberra

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