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October 2019

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ISBN: 978-1368054553

fp March 2010

The Year of Goodbyes: a true story of friendship, family, and farewells

Debbie Levy

from Hachette Australia...

Like other girls, Jutta Salzberg enjoyed playing with friends, going to school, and visiting relatives. In Germany in 1938, these everyday activities were dangerous for Jews. Jutta and her family tried to lead normal lives, but soon they knew they had to escape—if they could, before it was too late. 

Throughout 1938, Jutta had her friends and relatives fill her poesiealbum—her autograph book—with inscriptions. Her daughter, Debbie Levy, used these entries as a springboard for telling the story of the Salzberg family’s last year in Germany. It was a year of change and chance, confusion and cruelty. It was a year of goodbyes.

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The Year of Goodbyes is an amazing collection of notes and stories from a young Jewish girl's journal. It highlights the sacrifices people had to make to feel safe in World War 2.

It is hardly surprising that in the centenary years of World War 1 there is renewed interest in war histories of all kinds. The Year of Goodbyes is a non-fiction book set during World War 2 in Germany.

I thought that the perspective was quite interesting. The main character is a young girl, preparing to escape her home as the war against Jews continues. You also get the perspective of all her friends from their notes left behind.

I would recommend this book to anyone aged 10 - 13. I think that, although there are many war books out there, The Year of Goodbyes is an amazing and unique book.

Grace, Year 8

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