A Groundwood Book
Douglas & McIntyre

April 2004

$16.95 US

109p hc

ISBN: 978-0888995612

Ann and Seamus

Kevin Major

Art by David Blackwood

from the book...

In 1828, off Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland, seventeen-year-old Ann Harvey, her fisherman father and younger brother came upon the wreck of the Despatch, an Irish immigrant ship originally destined for Quebec City. In thick fog and fierce wind it had run aground and broken apart. Ann's courage and strength at the oars of the rescue boat were largely responsible for the saving of more than 160 passengers stranded amid the raging storm, left "like seabirds clinging to the rocks."


Ann and Seamus brings the remarkable story of Ann Harvey to today's readers. In a poetic and powerful retelling, Kevin Major portrays the shy young woman thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It is the story of dramatic rescue, but it is also the story of dreams and fate, of a hard life and young love. For also at its centre is Seamus, a young Irishman who had set sail with hopes of a new life in America.


Ann and Seamus pairs two outstanding artistic talents, as the worlds of multi-award-winning author Kevin majors are joined by the captivating images of one of Canada's most celebrated visual artists, David Blackwood.

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