February 2021

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Footprints On The Moon

Lorraine Marwood

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Itís 1969 and life is changing fast. Sharnie Burley is starting high school and finding it tough to make new friends. As the world waits to see if humans will land on the moon, the Vietnam War rages overseas. While her little cousin, Lewis, makes pretend moon boots, young men are being called up to fight, sometimes without having any choice in the matter. Sometimes without ever coming home. 

Dad thinks serving your country in a war is honourable, but when Sharnieís older sister, Cas, meets a returned soldier and starts getting involved in anti-war protests, a rift in their family begins to show. Sharnie would usually turn to her grandma for support, but lately Granís been forgetting things.

Can she find her own way in this brave new world?

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Footprints on the Moon, a book by Lorraine Marwood, is a historical fiction about life in 1969. Sharnie Burley has started high school and is having trouble making new friends. That is not the only change, as the first footsteps on the moon are about to be taken. Along with that, there is the Vietnam war going on, and people are being called to fight even when they donít want to.

People are protesting against the war, and Sharnieís family doesnít like the idea of the protestors. Sharnie gets tangled up in confusion, trying to conclude if she is with the protestors who donít want the war, or if she is with her family, people who think the war is the right way to go.

This story is suitable for all ages, especially for the kids starting high school, who might find it very relatable. It could also appeal to people who like to hear stories about wars. One of the things I liked in the book was the fact that Sharnie likes to spend her time with her grandma, as she would talk about her problems with her, and cook some new recipes. Her grandma was her form of hope, and I really liked the way Sharnie would spend time with her and respect her. Overall, the book is really good and I would recommend it to people that are going to go to high school soon.

Avani, Year 7

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