Walker Books

June 2009

$14.95 AU

128p pb

ISBN: 978-1921150722

Star Jumps

Lorraine Marwood

from Walker Books...

A warm narrative verse-novel about a family’s life on the farm during harsh times.


A poignant verse novel depicting the joys and heartbreaks of a farming family as they struggle to cope with the devastating effects of long term drought. Told through the eyes of Ruby, day to day farm life involves playing in grassy paddocks with siblings, doing jobs and helping out, and witnessing birth, death and sacrifice. The family are devastated when they have to sell off some of their herd, but in the spirit of hope it is Ruby who tries in her own small way to help the family by making miniature bales of hay.

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Star Jumps is a verse novel by Australian author, Lorraine Marwood. It is set in rural Australia, on a dairy farm in the grip of drought. It is told by the youngest member of the family, Ruby who has two siblings, Keely and Connor. The children help out on the farm as well as have fun and games, including building elaborate tunnels in the marshmellow weeds. Life on the farm is rather tough and there is a breeched birth by one of the cows to deal with as well as harsh economic times caused by the lengthening drought. But Ruby and her brother and sister have a plan to help out their family.

This novel in verse is most accessible to younger readers and the brevity of the text in fact enhances the emotions felt by the characters. Being told by such a young narrator brings us a child’s perspective of life on the farm and the harsh times and how playing and fun can still be part of life. This one is for readers Year 4 and above.

Bea, Adelaide, Australia

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